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Are you a nervous patient? Well, you’re not alone! Many patients become exceptionally tense at the thought of visiting a dentist. Here at Mathee Dental Studio, we understand this. And we work to make your visit as easy and pain-free as possible. And one solution could be sedation – a process that puts patients into a calm state through the use of anesthesia.

What Mathee Dental Studio will do for you

There are a number of options when it comes to sedation. For example, you can make use of inhalation sedation – breathing in nitrous oxide gas (known as laughing gas). You’ll remain conscious, but will be very relaxed. The effects will also wear off very quickly. (We do not offer this option currently at Mathee Dental Studio)

Alternatively, you can take a tablet or a liquid sedative, usually shortly before your appointment. The effects last much longer (it could be up to six hours), and you will have little memory of your visit to the dentist. You must arrange for someone to drive you home afterwards.

Or an anaesthetist can perform an IV Sedation in the dentist’s rooms. This is used for longer procedures and more complex treatment.  With this option you will have no memory of the procedure and you must also arrange for someone to drive you home afterwards.

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