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Need an implant?

When you would need an implant

If you have lost a tooth, several of your teeth or all your teeth, implants can be used to permanently replace your teeth by supporting a crown, bridge or a denture. This way we can restore and even improve your bite and your smile. Implant supported teeth look like natural teeth and are made up of the implant (root) inside the jawbone, and the crown (visible part of the tooth). Implants and implant supported teeth are specially designed to meet your requirements.

How does it work?

Essentially, we make crowns to cover the teeth on either side of the gap. They are called the anchors of the bridge. Connected to these anchor crowns, is the false tooth (or teeth) called the pontic tooth. Together we call it a bridge.

What Mathee Dental Studio will do for you

Implants require two steps:

Implant placement:

During this step, the titanium implant is placed and then has to fuse (integrate) with the jawbone.

Implant restoration:

After the period of fusion to the bone (3-6 months), the replica tooth (crown or a denture) is made and fitted onto the implant.

Note: The implant placement is a process that requires specialist training and equipment, and only a few dentists would offer this service. In many cases, a dentist would send his or her patient to a specialist to complete the first step, but would undertake the second step themselves.

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