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In need of hygiene services?

When you would need hygiene checks

You’re likely to know if you’re experiencing poor oral hygiene. Your gums may bleed, or they may be inflamed or receding, your teeth could be loose, and you’re likely to have bad breath.

That means you need the help of a dentist or dental hygienist (of course, we recommend regular trips to your dentist for check-ups, as well as the right care at home).

Without help, you could find yourself with periodontal (or gum) disease, where a layer of plaque (or biofilm) clings to your teeth (made up of saliva, bacteria and food). If this is not removed, it can mineralize – and can then only be removed by a dentist or hygienist. If still nothing is done, adults can lose their teeth, as bacteria invade the space between teeth and gums – ultimately leading to bone loss.

Why hygiene is important?

According to a number of sources, there are links between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease risk, premature birth, uncontrolled diabetes in adult diabetics, and increased risk of pneumonia.

What Mathee Dental Studio will do for you

We’ll assess your mouth and gums to spot potential problem areas. A treatment plan will be drawn up to get your gums and mouth in a healthy condition to support your smile. This may include a clean, scale and polish to remove the biofilm causing gum disease. And of course, we’ll provide you with all the steps to care for your teeth at home.

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