A large number of people only visit a dentist when they get a toothache or for specialized treatment such as teeth whitening and getting dentures. However, we’re encouraged to make a portion of our dentist visits for a good old dental check-up. We all know someone who hasn’t visited a dentist in years, it could even be you. It goes without saying, regular dental check-ups are important. Here’s why you shouldn’t skip a dental appointment and why you need to schedule one as soon as possible.

Why you need a regular dental check-up? 

Problem Spotting

When it comes to oral health,  prevention is better than cure. Apart from examining how healthy your teeth and gums are, during a dental check-up, your dentist will be searching for early signs of more serious conditions in your mouth, such as tooth decay and mouth cancer


During regular check-ups, early signs of problems can be detected and then quick and easily treated.  Prevention of decay may include:  Oral hygiene instructions, fissure sealants and fluoride treatments.

Early detection of possible problems with the development of the jaw or in the position of teeth in children, can avoid more expensive orthodontic treatment later.

Prevention in most cases is less traumatic and much cheaper than waiting until there is a problem.

Keeps the Body Healthy

Regular dental check-ups are important as they may help identify wider health problems in your body. Studies have indicated that your oral health provides an insight into your overall health. A poor level of dental hygiene can lead to other serious diseases and conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. Gum disease has been linked to premature birth as well as low birth weight.

Combat Plaque and Tatar build-up

Although we can’t stress enough how important it is to brush and floss daily, there are still small areas in the mouth that are missed by a regular brushing and flossing. Dentists are specially trained to clean those areas of your mouth which are hard to reach, using specialized equipment to scrub off plaque.

When plaque is left to build up it becomes harder to remove, solidifying in the process and turning into tartar. Dental cleaning done at each check-up can prevent tartar from eroding teeth and creating cavities.

X-Rays Mark the Spot

Visiting your dentist for a check-up regularly is crucial. At scheduled intervals, it would be beneficial to get your teeth and jaw bone x-rayed. Getting a dental X-ray done allows your dentist to see what is happening beneath the surface, and can find and diagnose issues that may be hidden and somewhat impossible to detect by the naked eye. Problems like this can include impacted teeth – those late-blooming wisdom teeth we all love so much.

Jawbone damage, as well as bone decay, swelling, cysts, or tumours can be pinpointed through x-ray imaging. Finding these major dental issues as soon as possible is critical in order to properly treat them.

These destructive diseases that show little to no symptoms but progress quickly, up-to-date x-rays during check-ups are the best way to keep on top of your dental health.

The frequency with which you should visit your dentist for a check up depends on your individual needs and the state of your oral health. After each dental check up, your dentist will let you know when best to come for your next. They’ll base this on an analysis of your dental health and risk of future problems.

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