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Who doesn’t like a strong coffee, or a delicious tea? But whereas these beverages are part of our daily life, they can also show on our teeth.

Stained teeth could also of course be as a result of smoking. Or simply come about as old fillings impact on the tooth.

Mathee Dental Studio offers a range of easy solutions for stained teeth – to bring back your epic smile. We could assist with a good clean – by scaling and polishing your teeth to remove any stains or tartar. Or with a teeth-whitening procedure.

If you need something a little more hardy, porcelain fillingscrowns or veneers will also effectively remove any stains that may be making you hide your smile. Get in touch with us so that we can develop a treatment plan for you.

Teeth can lose their colour for a number of reasons. It could be that you have a dead tooth. Or perhaps you had silver fillings to fill a small cavity, but today those fillings making the tooth appear darker or your teeth have yellow or brown stains from smoking, coffee or red wine. Older or worn teeth may also become more yellow.

Either way, it’s unlikely to be the look you’re after, if like us, you believe in big, happy, healthy smiles.

At Mathee Dental Studio, we can assist you through veneers, new tooth coloured fillings or porcelain crowns. Or we could simply help with a scale and polish and a teeth-whitening procedure – so you can once again smile with confidence.

Almost everyone will at some stage have experienced tooth sensitivity or pain. It usually comes when you least expect it – as you take a sip of that delicious warm coffee, or a bite of a refreshing ice-cream.

The sensitivity or pain could be as a result of a number of problems – from a cavity or tooth decay, an abscess, a lost or loose filling, or receding gums, among others.

It could also be a cracked tooth – a problem that is sometimes a little harder to spot. Teeth can crack over time (often in patients over 40), just from years of biting and chewing, or because they’re slightly weakened because of a filling. But spotting these cracks can be hard (even on an x-ray). If you do have a cracked tooth, it’s good to treat it as soon as possible to ensure bacteria can’t make their way into your tooth and infect the dental pulp.

Mathee Dental Studio will firstly diagnose what the problem is, and then develop a treatment plan to rectify the problem. It may mean a simple filling, or it could be something a little more technical.

If you do suffer from cracked tooth syndrome, Mathee Dental Studio will consider using a crown. However, if it’s more problematic, we would look at root canal treatment or alternatively an extraction.

Teeth start to wear over time – often when we don’t care for that essential protective layer covering our teeth, called enamel.

Enamel gives our teeth that white colour. Without it, teeth will look yellow and flat. But tooth decay and some acidic foods and drinks can destroy our enamel.

What’s more, sometimes we have habits we don’t even know about, like clenching our teeth, or bruxing and posturing. These also damage our teeth and wear them down.

Bruxing in particular is very damaging. This is when we grind our teeth sideways, wearing teeth down. Usually the grinding takes place while we sleep, so we don’t even notice that we’re doing it (it’s often linked to Restless Sleep Syndrome).

Bruxing can result in our teeth disappearing, our face getting shorter, and our faces looking older than we really are. Teeth can become very sensitive or painful. It can even lead to earache.

Clenching can also take place while we sleep (or even during the day) – without us noticing. Here we clench the muscles in our face – leading to cracked teeth, broken teeth and loosened teeth. Clenching can even lead to a square jaw, as well as extreme tension in our facial muscles and jaw joint pain and problems.

Mathee Dental Studio can provide solutions for worn teeth – and can treat the reasons for the worn teeth. For example, if you suffer from bruxism or clenching, not only can we repair the damaged teeth, we can provide devices to help stop the action. It may even mean taking some relaxing medication in the evening to prevent the tension. We can also provide advice to reduce clenching and bruxism: like dealing with stress in your life (often the cause of these behaviours), or putting heat packs on muscles to relax them.

A healthy mouth means healthy teeth and gums. But sometimes, if we don’t practice good oral health in our day-to-day lives, we can suffer from halitosis, or bad breath. It’s pretty embarrassing, right?

What causes bad breath? Well, if you don’t practice good oral care at home, you could develop gum disease, or tooth decay. This in turn can lead to bad breath.

At Mathee Dental Studio, we’ve got a range of solutions for you. It could be as simple as offering good oral hygiene, and giving home-care tips. If there’s a specific problem like decay or a cavity or a broken tooth, you may need a filling or crown. Either way, pop in and we’ll help put you on the path to a gorgeous smile accompanied with fresh breath.

How could you have known that habits when you were a child could potentially cause crooked teeth (like sucking your thumb)? Or that genetics or gum disease could impact on your perfect smile.

At Mathee Dental Studio, we’ve done considerable further study in the field of orthodontics and aesthetic work. So we can take a look at whatever may be troubling you, and offer a host of solutions.

And you want them back.

Anyone involved in some kind of physical sport will know that teeth can be knocked out. Even if action sports aren’t for you, a small accident could leave you with one less tooth. Or you had to have a tooth removed because a problem couldn’t be solved anymore.

At Mathee Dental Studio, we can restore a missing tooth by fixing a bridge, by implants, or through dentures (removable or implant-retained). Visit us, and let’s figure out a solution that works for you.

We know some actors and actresses have become famous flaunting the gap between their teeth. But sometimes a gap or space between teeth may not be the look you’re after.

What causes it? You may have developed a gap between your teeth for genetic reasons (it’s simply in your genes). Or you may have had periodontal disease, or had some teeth removed.

At Mathee Dental Studio, we can provide solutions to close the gap. Procedures may include fillings, porcelain veneers or crowns. Or we could even opt to go the orthodontic route. Whatever the case, we’ll tailor-make a solution for you.

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